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Being Boring

Hello Everyone,

This week the journal entry I chose was "Describe what I do in six words". This prompt took me a bit to think about because it made me think well what do I really do on a day to day basis. As a college student I do my studying but then what else? I play video games, watch movies, hang out with friends, etc, but when I reflect on it, I came up with what I do in six words... I am a boring college student. I think there is something to say about being boring. I enjoy the simple things in life, I just like to sit back and watch what is happening, that is not to say that I won't chase what I want but I'm not one to go and have a wild time out. I like sitting in my room with my friends and just talking and bs'ing the night away. I'll go out and have fun with them, but we don't go looking for fun, we just go have it. I think boring can be a good thing to be, I get my work done, I can manage my time affectively, and I can still have a great life. …
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Inspiration Family Tree

Hello Everyone,
This week's journal entry is to develop a family tree of narratives or social media accounts that influence you. Well after thought, I narrowed my two main inspirations for social media. The first one would be the Warhammer 40k subreddit. Reddit in general is an online community where there are different pages for different groups or interests, that people can post about those interests. These different smaller pages are called subreddits. The Warhammer 40k subreddit is a group about the hoby of 40k that players and hobbyist alike can come and post questions about the game, pictures about the models they are painting, and many other topics within the hobby. What inspires me about this social media account is the sense of community within the group. Each person is there for a reason, and we all want to see each others accomplishments and the battle reports(games) that we all played. The overall feel of the subreddit is serious in the fact that we are all there to tal…

Do I Really Want to Say This?

Hello Everyone,

This week's journal prompt is "Write something that could get you fired, expelled, or disowned”. Well since wee post the journal prompts online, well I first thought, why would I post something online that could possibly get me in trouble. Well also we were encourage then to turn our answer from this prompt into an interactive narrative so I thought this is a little more reasonable. What I first though was an insult that I could possibly tell a boss one day and how I could turn this into an interactive narrative. Well the narrative that I thought of was a scenario about you going to you boss to quit after you felt like you have been mistreated at the company and the boss has done nothing to help you. The narrative would continue on with you walking into your boss's office a little hot heading, fired up, and ready to tell it to your boss and quit. Then the narrative would have the player select what they would want to say to there boss and then there would …

Telling a Lie

Hello Everyone,

This week, my journal prompt is "Make up a really good lie about yourself to tell a stranger. Write a story to back it up". And well I thought about what I could lie about myself and whether I should go extreme or keep it simple. I decided extreme because as the saying goes, you can't make this up. Here is my story...

I moved to Pittsburgh when I was five years old. My family we came from a small town in England called Gateshead. We lived near our family church, The Cathedral Church of St. Nicholas. But we had to move to the states because of my mom needed to help her family. When we first came to the states, my accent cause the kids at my new school to make fun of me that I eventually changed schools and forgot my English accent. At my new school, I did my best to learn an American accent and before I knew it, my English accent was a thing of the past. I feel guilty of hiding my true identity but I've kept it a secret for so long that my American acce…

Taking A Walk

Hello Everyone,
This week in class we continued talking about location based narratives. To continue on my idea from last week of a game of "Where am I?", the game itself evolved into a greater idea about our campus.I wanted to show the little places on campus for people to see how nice this campus it. Showing bits and pieces of the campus can show followers or viewers who don’t go here, how nice the campus is. But then it allows students who do go here to partake in a fun game and seeing how well they do know the campus. While taking pictures for this narrative, I myself learned a few things about certain locations that I didn’t know before. For example, the stone bench down behind the nursing building and to the left of Heather Lodge, is a stone podium. If I didn’t take the time to go explore, I wouldn’t of found out. So overall, through these pictures, I hope to spread and have some fun with the beauty of UPJ’s campus.

To help expand on this idea this week, the journal pr…


Hello Everyone,

This week in class we are talking about location based narratives. A location based narrative is a narrative that uses a certain location to help tell a story and engage the viewers. So our assignment is to create a location based narrative. To help come up with an idea for this assignment, I turned to the weekly journal post which I chose sit/stand/document the same spot each day for a week. The spot I chose was the main lobby of the Living Learning Center (LLC). I documented this spot each day when heading to class or to lunch in the LLC café around the same time. I will break it down by a list below.

Monday: I was heading to class and saw 3 people. Two were heading to the resident side of the LLC and one was going to the café.
Tuesday: I was heading to lunch in the LLC. I didn't see anybody in the lobby when passing through.
Wednesday: I was heading to class and saw 3 people standing over the news papers and 2 people were walking into the building.
Thursday: I w…

Hey Listen

Hello Everyone,

This week's journal entry is to make a poem out of newspaper headlines. Well I am not one for poems but here is is...
     Pitt-Johnstown recruit adjusting to the states
     Backpacks assure weekend calories
     Lodges' renovation noted at meeting
     Ticket rubbish may cost $180
I took these headlines from the Pitt Johnstown paper from October 11th 2017. I think it shows a little bit of life on campus and whats going around. But there's more of a meaning about using titles from something else.

The unit we just got done discussing in class is plagiarism and the different forms that is can appear. Then we had the complete a project where the only original idea we used was the project it self and how to put it together. I made a motivational speech out of famous video game quotes and edited them together to make it somewhat coherent. This was my first time video editing in the sense and I enjoyed it greatly. Putting the videos together to make sense was th…